a simple explanation of Ethereum and its native token Ether

Let me start by saying I am not a CFA or a registered investment advisor, nor am I a bitcoin maximalist or a crypto evangelist. However, I have spent much of the last decade researching and participating in the traditional financial system and the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and the differences between the two are considerable. Many people are working on the bridge between, but those who are less acquainted with the crypto economy ought to mind the gap.

Those on the traditional side of the spectrum must understand that the innovation behind cryptocurrencies is technical first, financial second. The most innovative…

Composability is one of the most compelling capabilities of Ethereum. It enables all sorts of projects and protocols to capitalize on existing innovation and add to the collective capabilities of the entire ecosystem. DeFi, in particular, has benefited tremendously from composability, and Flexible Leverage Index tokens (FLI) are an excellent case study for understanding composability and its implications for financial innovation.

First, let’s define composability. Composability is an innate feature of Ethereum applications that allows them to be used as building blocks for other applications. In other words, if an application is deployed to the blockchain, other projects or protocols…

(U.S. Version)

The concept of earning income in the form of governance tokens is foreign to most outside of crypto, but many federal governments around the world are ahead of the curve. Many countries across every continent have already insisted that tokens received as compensation for work are considered taxable income, so it is important for Index Coop contributors to understand the tax implications of their rewards.

For Index Coop contributors in the United States, INDEX rewards are considered taxable income because they are received in exchange for services rendered. …

ETH2x-FLI and BTC2x-FLI are distinct from the Index Coop’s passive index products in that they employ leverage to double token holders’ exposure to the underlying asset. In order to create this leverage and abstract away collateral and debt management for the user, a series of smart contracts monitor and manage capital allocation in an automated fashion. A variety of parameters dictate how the FLI smart contracts function and they are configured to ensure a safe and seamless user experience. As AUM grows and upgrades are approved by the community, these parameters are updated by members of the Leverage Indices Pod.

As a consumer, you are probably familiar with the “track my package” function that most major couriers offer. Whether your package is being delivered by FedEx, UPS, or the postal service, you can punch in your tracking number and see exactly where that package is, where it’s been, and when you should expect it to arrive at your door. However, the products inside of those packages aren’t exactly an open book. The majority of goods that we consume travel hundreds, if not thousands, of miles to our doorstep or to the store down the street, but oftentimes companies can’t tell…

a position paper preface

The supply chain landscape is widely considered to be the most immediate enterprise application for blockchain and DLT technologies for many reasons: tension between trade partners, a plethora of paper-based processes, siloed stakeholders, and inefficiencies everywhere. The use cases are there, and the preliminary steps of launching a pilot or proof-of-concept seem simple enough. After all, over half of the projects in Hyperledger’s Blockchain Showcase have some sort of supply chain flavor, and there have been several successful initiatives featuring leafy greens and coffee beans that have proven the viability and the value of blockchain for the supply chain.


Allan Gulley

Blockchain Solution Architect | Crypto Enthusiast | Index Coop Contributor

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