• Patrick Burns

    Patrick Burns

    CEO @ Haystack, Internet of Things tech pioneer and now blockchains, dad, martial artist, sometimes mountaineer & jazz pianist. http://bit.ly/2waHJHj

  • Niraj Shah

    Niraj Shah

    Well-being, technology & entrepreneurship.

  • Eli Lui

    Eli Lui

  • Dinh Quoc Huy

    Dinh Quoc Huy

  • Peter Kell

    Peter Kell

    Hi I’m Pete. I co-Founded a skincare brand that grew from $0-$40m in 12 months. Exited. Here’s where I share ideas

  • Alex Metelerkamp

    Alex Metelerkamp

    Turning healthcare into software. www.alexmetelerkamp.com

  • Joshua Hyatt

    Joshua Hyatt

  • Ignacio Correa

    Ignacio Correa

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